Manly Lagoon Life Rundown


Loved being part of this amazing day.
I learnt LOADS more about the plight of our Lagoon as well as having fun meeting other artists and people who like art.
YES I am going to give classes in the Manly area starting in the next couple of months!! Thankyou for all the queries regarding this. I used to teach way back when and am now in the position to get back into teaching again. Drop me an email and I will put you on my mailing list.
As mentioned before my work, both collage and assemblages will be shown during the Manly Arts Festival, Queenscliff Surf Club and Wolf Tappas Bar but if you can't wait, I have been invited to show at the Red Olive in Balgowlah. More details in a couple of days. More examples of my new work will be uploaded to my website later this week.
So if you are someone who said hi during the Festival, welcome to my place. :) Thanks for making it a great day, thanks for coming along and strengthening the concern over Manly Lagoon and thanks for supporting your local artists!


I have been asked to be involved with the Manly Festival of Surfing!!! Artists are given a surfboard to paint or create with and they are displayed in Manly stores during the festival and auctioned off for charity.
So excited over this one... have my Surfboard (family can't believe I have been given a brand new 7 foot surfboard to play with), have my plan... stay tuned... I told you my middle name was Gidget didn't I? :)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Aug 24
Went along to a full day workshop at Balmain on Saturday where I got to do "Soulcollage". Dragged my friend Karen along as I thought a girly day was in order! What an amazing experience. I'm hooked on the process...
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SCA Open Day

Sep 1
(thought I would run a little tally to keep my mind on the GOALS and to record little wins) TODAY: One sale... painting one email confirming placement of work from end of September (jewellery and paintings) - Red Olive Studios,...