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Manly Lagoon Life Rundown


Loved being part of this amazing day.
I learnt LOADS more about the plight of our Lagoon as well as having fun meeting other artists and people who like art.
YES I am going to give classes in the Manly area starting in the next couple of months!! Thankyou for all the queries regarding this. I used to teach way back when and am now in the position to get back into teaching again. Drop me an email and I will put you on my mailing list. [email protected]
As mentioned before my work, both collage and assemblages will be shown during the Manly Arts Festival, Queenscliff Surf Club and Wolf Tappas Bar but if you can't wait, I have been invited to show at the Red Olive in Balgowlah. More details in a couple of days. More examples of my new work will be uploaded to my website later this week.
So if you are someone who said hi during the Festival, welcome to my place. :) Thanks for making it a great day, thanks for coming along and strengthening the concern over Manly Lagoon and thanks for supporting your local artists!


I have been asked to be involved with the Manly Festival of Surfing!!! Artists are given a surfboard to paint or create with and they are displayed in Manly stores during the festival and auctioned off for charity.
So excited over this one... have my Surfboard (family can't believe I have been given a brand new 7 foot surfboard to play with), have my plan... stay tuned... I told you my middle name was Gidget didn't I? :)


Went along to a full day workshop at Balmain on Saturday where I got to do "Soulcollage". Dragged my friend Karen along as I thought a girly day was in order! What an amazing experience. I'm hooked on the process and giving serious consideration to becoming a facilitator as well as I can see how it fits so well with my work as an artist and in future a counsellor. In the meantime I am going to enjoy making cards and exploring for a while.
Suzanne Naseby runs the workshop that  I attended and she was amazing.

Sc1 Third Chakra Raven

Sc2 Go Getter
Committee Suit

Rust & Dust Collection One

Greenrooster "The Chook Raffel"  painted rooster toy, silver chain, bingo marker c1960s, hand dyed silk ribbon, crystal beads, glass beads, Thai silver bead c1980s.... $40

When I was a very little girl, and the snippets of adult conversation become the stepping stones to the world between imagination and reality, I formed a very clear picture of the good old Aussie Chook Raffle. Dad was a tradie, and as they do, would stop into the pub on payday. We lived in Lilyfield, near Balmain and back then had a garden that kept us in fruit and veggies and bantams that kept us in eggs and me very happy. I loved those beautiful tiny chickens, glossy bejeweled feathers, personalities of starlets.
Dad would come home on paydays with pockets full of lollies for us and Mum would always ask how he went in the Chook Raffle. I would listen with held breath for I thought it was OUR bantams that where being raffled off! “No luck Mother, no luck”. I would run to bed happy, knowing that my little backyard mates where safe for another week.

OK here we go... Collection of my found art jewellery. Hope to have an online store up soon. In the meantime... email or call me if you are interested in a piece. I will have these collections on show at the Mary Place Exhibition in September
Three collections for Spring/Summer :) "Dinosaurs & Diamonds, Bottletop Beauties, "and a few ring-ins.
I alter EVERYTHING... my clothes, my hair (ok ok I got rid of that big blonde slash last month!!), my shoes and yes my jewellery. More to the point i have never found much that I liked, oh other than prezzies in blue boxes ;)
sooooo i make my own. or rather I alter things to suit. 
Here is the start of what I am planning on being an ongoing sideline of my art. My jewllery is made with the techniques and styles that I most enjoy working in... ASSEMBLAGE!
Bear in mind that it's all one of a kind as most comprises of vintage and found pieces. So if you won;t see yourself coming down the street, which is really good but unfortunately I can usuallyonly produce ONE of each design. There are currently just pendants and necklaces in the range (20 of each as of today)... I'm working on it... it's just me in my little studio :)
YES you can commission me and I love creating things out of  your old treasures. Jewellery origin or not. Tea cup pieces are popular at present as are toy bits.

Dinosaurs & Diamonds
range features dinosaurs with rusty or verdigris patinas and all things sparkly.

"Centered Fire"
Vintage German crystal embedded in the tummy of an altered toy dinosaur, brass findings, vintage ribbon choker... $40



Bottletop Beauties
-range all features feminine images and beer bottle tops


"A Flighty Romance"

found rusty beer bottle top (sealed), cameo c1950s, crystal, teaspoon c1960s, brooch, earring, ribbon, silver clasp... $60

Soooo... what am I doing on Sunday at Lagoon Life?

WELL... when I'm not making magic out of junk and found objects, I paint and collage. The thing that has always fascinated me since I was a tiny artist is those old hand coloured photos. I actually did a course when I was living in the USA using the traditional methods and mediums.  It's one of those dying arts because YES you can do it all with filters etc in Photoshop. I was so thrilled to actually do something I had been intrigued by for most of my life.

SO that brings us to Sunday... I have been experimenting with this whole hand tinted photo concept in different mediums and adding my much loved collage into the mix and have to say have come up with a few processes that I really like. On Sunday that's what I'll be doing. Well I won;t be able to do one piece start to finish due to limitations of the site... BUT I will have various pieces in different stages and be working on a couple. As you probably have guessed, I don;t throw ANYTHING out... the collage elements for these works are actually the cloths I use to clean up paint in my studio... no paint in the bin and certainly none down the drain! :)

I have loads of photos of the Lagoon as it's the starting point for where I walk my dogs.  This one was a very so so photo but you can save ANYTHING...

"Happy Fish, Monday"


Big Fish... everyone likes em :)
"Happy Fish, Monday"
Each panel is 90x40cmx 2cm
mixed media on gallery wrap canvas, ready to hang. $600 SOLD
If you would like to take a peek, he is currently hanging in Bavero Coffee, Glenrose Shopping Centre, Belrose.

Meet my Art Tree Mates

The_Art_Tree_Website_Logo I have been a part of an awesome Art Group since it's beginning last year.
We have grown as a tree does and doubled in number.
It's a supportive network of local artists and I'm sure that even if you find my style not to your taste, I know you will find something that moves you amongst our branches. :)
We are exhibiting in Paddington at Mary Place Gallery in September , some of us are part of the Manly Arts Festival AND look out for a few of  us at the Manly Lagoon Life Festival this Sunday.

Workshopping with Elise

Elise5 Elise is a member of my Art Group, The Art Tree. She is in her final year at Art College and is putting together her exhibit.

I loved the day... I was able to share a few tricks and methods with Elise and it's always so much fun hanging out with an art buddy for the day. Last year we exhibited together in Paddington at the Mary Place Gallery and I adored her work...

We both share a love of collage and Elise wanted to learn a bit about assemblage so we had a day of GREAT fun putting together a Cricket... here he is... almost done....Elise1

Elise is going to add more textural additions to this to tie it in with the rest of her body of work... pics soon.
He has a French Mouli head... see this is what I get excited about when I create in assemblage!! I just can't that buzz from painting... The thrill of seeing a cricket emerge from a vegetable strainer, sticks, wire and old rusty metal strapping... nothing beats it for me. :)
Stay tuned for news of Elises' exhibition.Elise2

The Bower

I have to get a link list together I think, but first of all I want to praise up these guys. I have been a huge fan of the Bower in Marrickville for years. Love their ethos and it's the best place to find 'just the right thing" I use a lot of a certain 'thing' in my work... nOOOOOO I'm not telling you my secret :) anyway they seem to come up with these on a regular basis. The Bower
It's in the same centre as Reverse Garbage, which is another great place for all of us Junk Gypsies.

I'm In!!!! Manly Lagoon Festival

This is me...LegRun
I just found out I have been accepted in the Manly Lagoon Life  Festival - Artists with Easels event.




Manly Lagoon
11am to 4pm
23rd August, 2009

exhibition of Artists' works
created at the Lagoon Life Festival~
Manly Arts Festival
Safety Wolf Bar & Tapas,32
Belgrave St, Manly
When: From Thurs 17th - 24th Sept
6.00pm till late

Verdigris & Orange Mornings

Manly1Why I love living here...
Manly sunrise runs... oh yes NEWS FLASH I'm running again!  Well enough to actually RUN!! yeahhhhhhh
All those steroids and cortisone's and god knows what else I have pumped into my body to get better coupled with inactivity have made me a bit cushiony... hell it makes it easier to take the blows in life :) BUT i do love to run... SOOOOO I'm the one with the jiggly arse and the Cliff Young shuffle at sunrise... but I'm LOVIN' it. :)

Verdigris... V1Yeah you know... the colour that drives SOME of us NUTS to reproduce. I seem to get it and then drift off in my, "Just a little bit more green... no no BLUE... oh hang on hang... SHIT I STUFFED IT! It was FINE before" mode.
Have found the Holy Grail of Verdigris... it's NOT Modern Masters (sorrry if you like it... it's OK but it's not the Holy Grail)... THIS IS...


Is it 'cheating' well maybe... all I know is... this is SOOOOO easily controlled and looks AWESOME. I can over and under paint it with a bit of tonal paint effects to add depth and it seems very stable. If in Sydney... I picked mine up at Oxford Art Supplies.
If not... here's their website... don't take any notice of their swatches... they REALLY don;t do the product justice.
I will be posting my first forays with this product in a couple of days.