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The Goddess of Never Ending Great Ideas and Opportunities

 4 Well after months of dreaming, sketches, scavenging, testing, learning, garage sales and plain old nutting it out I unveil number one in my Lost Goddess series to be exhibited at this years' Manly Arts Festival & Mary Place Gallery September 2009...




Just when you feel that you will never come up with the solution, just when all seems lost, put your trust in Litup. She never stops thinking, planning, designing. She is there in the middle of your 2am dreaming, wakes up with that 'Eureka" moment. Walks along side you whispering snippets to get those creative juices flowing.

mixed media assemblage

various modeling clays,
screws, washers, wire,
mint tin, brooch c1970s, doll
arms, light bulb, crystals,
silk flowers, watch cogs,
light housing c1950s, mesh fruit
bag, cigarette tin c1930s, mirror
tiles, paint, adhesives