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❁ Flower of the Day ~ Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)

(Tropaeolum majus)

Nasturtium new webcards photo 2

Will Assist You In ~
Remaining optimistic, obtaining a victory, in being successful in a hard or long drawn out issue of conflict and most importantly will offer you ways to increase your personal vitality.

The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
Success is indicated as it a boost in resources. You are being warned to watch over your personal energy because although there is almost an abundance of it, you could waste it or let others zap too much from you.

Gardening Notes ~
Oh so easy to grow and can actually take over if you are not careful. they will self~seed everywhere! Most types are edible and make a very yummy peppery addition especially in summer salads when they are at their peek.

My photo here shows Nasturtium growing wild along the shore of the Lake near my home last night. I would not advise eating any found like this as councils do spray with pesticides.

They don't like frost or very cold areas but will tolerant shade exceptionally well. Best results are in well draining sunny positions.

Botanical History & Traditions ~
Originating in Peru, the Incas referred to Nasturtium as 'Golden Nuggets' due to their role in an almost Indiana Jones style legend of stolen gold, mountain chases, a vengeful God and a good man protecting what was right. Along the way Nature stepped in and disguised hidden gold as bright yellow Nasturtiums so it wouldn't be taken by Spanish Conquistadors and so it was eventually returned to the Incas.

The name 'nasturtium' translates from Latin as 'twisted nose' referring to it's rather strong and perhaps not so nice scent.

Now this is one tradition I personally practice ~ plant three red nasturtiums (some traditions call for black) to ensure protection unwanted visitors do not set foot in your home. I once lived in an apartment without a garden and had three small hanging baskets of bright red nasturtiums at my doorway, perfect!

May Nature bless you always and may you in turn always be a Blessing to Nature,
bunches of love,
Cheralyn ❁ xx

Mbs 2016 2

Guest Post with Pip “Odyssia” Stoneham ~ 'Triggering Happiness & Healthiness through Fragrance'

For a long time, I believed that certain smells would have an effect on me because they were like some kind of airborne drug. After all, we do call it ‘aromatherapy’, and I associate the word ‘therapy’ with a literal effect on the mind or body by an external influence. Through my Happiness therapies research and spiritual practices, I became quite interested in the idea of mental triggers and how we can train ourselves to respond to different situations with chosen reactions; like a form of self-hypnosis. It was during this time that I started experimenting with smells as triggers.

Pip 1                                                                                                                                www.instagram.com/theserenityoracle

Here’s an example: I have never been a huge fan of cardio exercise, I’ll admit it. I’ll pump weights till the cows come home, but show me a treadmill and my brain will find some kind of excuse to scurry far, far away. So for a couple of months I would drag myself to cardio through a number of other brain-convincing techniques and as part of my post-exercise hygiene routine I would put on a particular perfume. I would take a moment to breathe in the scent and think about how good I felt after exercising with the endorphins flowing around my body and a great sense of accomplishment. I built an association between that smell and that feeling, and soon I had a powerful elixir on my hands. But I had to be careful- use it too much and I would retrain my brain to associate that smell with other things. My aim was simple- I wanted to remind myself why I did cardio exercise. So the next time I was dragging my heels to the gym I put the perfume on before exercising and my brain remembered that wonderful feeling I got after exercising, reminding myself why I was doing it in the first place. More than that, it remembered that post-exercise euphoria and I instantly felt more relaxed.

Realising the success of this experiment, I began reflecting back on my previous belief that certain smells created specific reactions because of a chemical process on me: Lavender for relaxation, Citrus to perk me up, Mint for cleanliness. I wondered if instead this was the power of my belief about the smell’s effect and that perhaps it only started having that effect on me after I believed in it? There was no way for me to remember my first experience with every scent so I started doing research around this topic and discovered that in most cases, it is not the medicinal effect of the plant based extract that is making us have this reaction, especially if a synthetic smell is being used. It is the mental association we have created with the smell. The Scientific American had an article around this topic and also concluded that “odors influence mood, work performance, and many other forms of behaviour via their learned associations and particularly their learned emotional associations.”

But some smells are a lot more pleasurable then others, right? Surely the beautiful Turkish delight smell of rose will create more positive triggers then the smell of a Stinking Corpse Lily? I wanted to believe so I but I had a hunch that is was based off whether the memory or experience was positive or negative when the smell’s association was created, more than the smell itself. Psychology Today had a thought-provoking article called ‘The Hidden Force of Fragrance’ which gave a hilarious example of exactly this when Rachel Herz, world-renowned expert on the psychology of smell, told us how “an emotional link was forced between the happy experience of [a] car ride and the distinctive aroma of skunk.”

Wait, Pip, are you telling me that flower essences have no actual effect on me and that everything I experience is just an aromatic placebo? Luckily, no I’m not, because I’m sure there will be an outrage at such a statement. No, I am saying that our brain is powerful enough to override anything that would be happening on a chemical level. The previous mentioned Psychology Today article has some great examples of scents that have a very measurable psychical effect on us-
Peppermint increasing brain activity, Jasmine increasing the brain waves associated with sleep, and Lavender decreasing heart rate. The good news or bad news is that a positive or negative experience we associate with a particular smell has a chance of replacing a chemical reaction for a learned response or behaviour. But don’t focus on the negative, let’s focus on the positive! We can increase and aid the effects of fragrances to improve our health, mood and lifestyle by developing purposeful triggers! We can literally bring together the magic of flowers and our mind to create something even more powerful- just think of the possibilities for those who suffer from pain, depression or illness. You know the saying “stop and smell the roses”? I think the saying should be: “stop and smell the roses while embracing happiness” because the next time that smell wafts past, you will experience more than a chemical aphrodisiac.

1. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/do-scents-affect-peoples/
2. https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200711/the-hidden-force-fragrance

SerPip “Odyssia” Stoneham is the creator of The Serenity Oracle project.
The Serenity Oracle YouTube channel is a place where you can find serenity through videos inspiring happiness, healthiness, and a more holistic lifestyle.
Or you can follow The Serenity Oracle Facebook Group to get updates on the unique oracle deck which has been designed to inspire relaxing meditations, activities and divinations.
The Serenity Oracle was born out of Pip Stoneham’s creative advertising & production background, and years of studying various belief systems & happiness psychology.
                        She became a serenity seeker to overcome daily anxieties.

Dandelion Face Mask

Dandelion mask

I create a lot of different things from the flowers and plants I grow and collect and I often think it would be wonderful to share these things with everyone by making them up and selling them but the truth is, I do not have the additional time at the moment at all so I thought I'd share some of my favourite recipes with everyone instead from time to time.

Make sure than any plants you use are correctly identified and are organic.
Cheralyn xx

Tea Tree ~ attainment

Working very hard today but feeling a bit lost as something very dear to me is finding a difficult time finding it's place in the world. Focusing on what I must do to make it happen and looking for the 'way' to do it. I am not one to ask favours or support so I push forward.

Sometimes I look at this creation that is so entwined with everything I hold true and think: why do so many people embrace it and yet I can not find a place for it? 

Today I wish for the answers, for a bit of illumination to come through on this path of difficult trials and for those of you who are feeling the same right now, of course I wish it for you as well.
So a little Tea Tree magic for us my friends ~ 

Floramancy card meanings tea tree

May you always be a blessing to Nature, 

Cheralyn xx

Flower Reading with Unidentified Flowers

... and another way to use the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards that I created. 


Right now I am in the final stages before the release of my next Nature based Deck. It's an exciting time, it's an incredibly busy time as well. The artwork for my deck is still A4 linocut paintings so the actual physical work is very challenging as well as time consuming. Each takes about 3 full days to create and lots of bits of my fingers! :) 
The writing occurs as I go. I keep notes on my research, I go back through old journals and with all this I form the Guidebook which accompanies the deck. 

Often it is hard to identify flowers for flower reading, but here is one way to connect with basic meanings and begin exploring for yourself while you develop a closer relationship and and understanding of the environment around you. 
In this short Video  I share with you some insights into Flower Reading and the Language of Flowers.


Peace Lily ~ Reveal

Oh Good Morning!! 
In my home as I get my day started ~
Unfurling slowly is one of my Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum wallisii) 


Meaning: Protection is required right now, you must wake up and see a situation with more clarity, things will be revealed soon, remove what no longer serves you. 

Interpretation: Look at the flowers still sleeping on their spadix under the white protective bracts there, silently awaiting their turn to arise. Slowly revealing what awaits to be seen and understood. Personally? I am feeling 'in the dark' re a situation. I know that noticing Peace Lily in this state this morning tells me, (particularly when I was pondering the situation) that I don't know everything but it will soon be revealed. I am missing seeing something for what it really is or failing to admit that I need to move on and leave it behind. 

May your day bring you all you need to know too 
and may Nature always Bless you! xx

spadix: (the cluster of flowers, this is the yellow spike in a Peace Lily) 

bracts (the white 'petal', actually modified leaves)

Flora's Wonderful Wishing Tea

Good Morning!  
I hope your day is going to be rather wonderful and here is a Wishing Tea that you can create to bring a little extra boost to you or someone you know. Thank you bunches for all the messages asking for MORE of my Flower friend (I think she's called FLORA!) Next year, I'll be sharing a bit more of her but i am very over deadline with a few things right now so I need to clear the decks first. 
It really does make my heart happy to see her bringing joy to others. 
May Nature Bless you with all that you seek & need my friends! xx 

Wishing tea

*ensure you only use food grade ingredients & that you are allergy responsible and aware.

*Sharing my journal pages and even printing them out is ok BUT you must not alter them or use them in any other way except for personal enjoyment. NO commercial use. They are protected under copyright. 

Plant Native Flowers Please! :)

Good Morning! 
Here is a great activity, check out your local council for advice on what is native in plants to YOUR actual area and plant THAT! 


Another very important thing is to look after our Native Bees. Planting native flowers is one way, and also think about keeping native bees (introduced bees take the pollen from our natives). They don't produce much honey, true, BUT lots are stingless (bonus!) and they are under serious threat. 

This is where to buy them in Australia if you are interested PLUS it's a great site with loads of information and again, ask your local council for more information. 

Have a fantastic day! xx