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THIS WEEK: Mother's Day, How to draw flowers, Workshops, MBS news and Harvesting!

It's actually been a difficult week.
Disappointments. Frustration and bit of heartache, but that's life and crappy things happen at times. It's how you handle yourself as you move on that matters most. I was blindsided by an event that I did not anticipate but I'm ok with it now as the dust settles. Sometimes we need these things to occur so we can understand ourselves more clearly, question what we really want in life and then move on with more clarity than perhaps before. When we fall, when we are holding on with fingertips, if we focus on our reactions, we can notice what it is we want to hold on to and where it is we want to end up. What makes us passionate reveals what matters most to us.

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StUdio Notes
This week I have completed another work for an upcoming Flower deck in oils & mixed media. Loving the depth and the meanings that I'm exploring as I write alongside this body of work. I'm not sure when I'll be releasing this deck as I do have a few things to work out and deciding on how it will be published is one of them. My artistic challenges have been letting go of my current deck style (a type of naive expressionism) for a more traditional approach as I feel this lends itself more to the concept of this body of work. Inspirations are Russian Zhostovo Folk style painting, the light of the Flemish Primitives and the richness of the still life works of the 17th Century Northern European floral subject artists. This deck will be complete by the end of June.

Art 1

Concurrently, I am working, as always on my long term project:  my Garden Oracle. It's been a very long process as I want to work through the year of a garden and put those experiences within the deck. As I need more than one temperate zone and one garden, I've worked through many years to make this happen. The conversations with many of you and shared experiences have enriched so much of what I do and I can not wait to begin sharing a little more of the art and the nature of this body of work very soon. Once my next Flower Deck is complete, I will be ready to start sharing a bit more.
Those who have been following progress? SOON! 

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OnLine WorKshops
I have two online workshops running at present. One is an 8 module (work at your own pace) Flora Reading Course for those wishing to become Certified Flower & Plant Readers and the other a 6 module course for those wishing to create their own card decks (self published or traditionally published). I host a vibrant, interactive and very supportive private teacher/student forum for each and you can join the courses at any time (now!) and work completely at your own pace with lifetime access.

Cheralyn video
Become a Certified Flower Reader 
Create Your Own Card Decks

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In~Person WorkShops
I'll be at the upcoming Sydney Mind Body Spirit FestivAl presenting a Workshop on the Saturday and a Meditation on the Sunday. This year MBS is free for those who register online. All workshops are also free for those attending.

MBS SydYou are invited to my free workshops at Sydney MBS: 

"Flower Reading for
Divination & Healing"
Saturday 29th May
11:30am Seminar Room B
Learn how you can Read Flowers

for healing and for insight in this interactive
workshop. Cheralyn will also give a mini reading to each participant at the workshop.

"Sacred Flower Meditation"
Sunday 30th May
2:00pm Seminar Room B
Cheralyn invites to a beautiful healing
​Flower meditation. Let us explore your
Flower Guide and hear what he or she has
​to say to you. Cheralyn will also leave each meditation participant with a
​Flower Reading.

For more information:

Mind Body Spirit Festival Sydney Facebook Event Listing 

Mind Body Spirit Sydney Seminars

Mind Body Spirit Festival Website
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FloWer of the Day
Catch up postcards for the flower of the day series this week are sent out each Sunday night in my weekly newsletter.
Obtain links to all seven Flower of the Day postcards in your newsletter each week.

Webcards sacred blue lily


If you love these postcards, you may like to subscribe to the Florasphere e~magazine,
a weekly email filled with extra flower and plant goodness just for subscribers. 


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In the GarDen
Oh there's a chill in the air each morning now! I've cleared one plot of summer sunshine goodness to make way for some winter warmth.
This week I've dug in compost, cow manure and a of love to rest the earth before I plant out broccoli, bok choy, more cabbages, silverbeet in this plot. Thats an artichoke stretching her arms to sky in the corner!

Garden thisI'm harvesting beans of many varieties, silverbeet, bok choy, lettuce, tomatoes, nasturtiums, celery and spinach this week. An abundance of basil sees me making up a lot of pesto later this weekend for family and friends!

Not sure what to plant in your veggie patch this month? 
Try out this wonderful online resource: 
 Gardenate Planting Guide

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Florasphere ~ How to DrAw Flowers
It's been a while coming but here it is! My first video tutorial and a worksheet. Both free for you to keep, download and share.
This week is WARATAH

How to draw a flower book sample

The key is practice. You might even like to grab some tracing paper and trace this worksheet a few times first. Then, once you are confident enough to draw a waratah from start to finish alone, practice. Extend yourself and try variations. Invest in a pocket sketchbook and little pencil and sketch whenever you have a spare moment. Pretty soon you will be drawing bunches of beautiful Waratahs!
Enjoy and yes it's ok to share and download.
For a full 40 minute free "How to Draw a Waratah video tutorial, which includes waratah healing, guidance, botanical history and gardening chat, 


When you get there, click SUBSCRIBE so you are first to know when new videos are available.

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After an amazing day at the Sydney Botanic Gardens a few weeks ago and experiencing the wonderfully enlightening Ikebana displays and hearing the artists, I have taken the long wished for step and begun formal training this week. 
I cold not find a course anywhere near me but have found a wonderful teacher online. 
If you are interested in exploring, I highly recommend my new teacher Stephen Coler, more information: THIS LINK

This is my first attempt with what was in my garden ~ 

Border 2MotHer's DAy
Happiest of Mother's Day Blessings and joy to everyone.
As a Mother with my own children apart from me today, I did wake feeling a bit sad but then it turned to slow rising joy as I realised the lesson of Chrysanthemum, LIFE.
Webcards chrysanthemum 2

To give life is to give space, to create and to let go and to be optimistic for what may come. To understand that there will be cycles of rebirth (you will get to directly nurture again) but like the pulling in of the flower after it's time, you need to again release until you are called again by the seasons and cycles of Life.
My children can not be with me today because they are following their dreams and I am so very proud of them for that. Today they are working in jobs that they love completely, both caring for others in very different ways but none the less, with a commitment and care that makes me incredibly proud. So I'm happy to be a Mum today and stand back while my children plant their own dreams in places and in ways I might never of dreamt myself.
I also think of Mother's Day as so much more than just the direct maternal bond, but also in the connections and commitments we make to others. To care, to help with life through nurturing, providing a place in our hearts, at our tables, studios and in our spaces to be heard and supported and encouraged. To those of you who care and nurture others, our earth, our creatures, ideas and creations of care and hope, I wish you many happy blessings and thanks for all you do.

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BookSeller ThankYou
Blown away with shelf position! Thank you so much for the store love Dymocks Books Westfield Warringah Mall in Sydney

Book store
I stumbled upon this in person but if you are a bookseller and have an awesome pic of one of my titles in your store to share, send it to cheralyndarcey@gmail.com with your bookstore web address. 
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ColouRing In SheeT for YOU! 

click on image for a full~sized downloadable copy

image can be shared as is (with credits)

Florasphere colour chrysanthemum

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,
may Nature fill it with beautiful blessings,
Cheralyn xx Cheralyn bird of paradise











What is your Spiritual Focus Plant or Flower in your Garden? MBS Sydney, Urban Garden Magic with Cheralyn

Do you always seem to have one plant that flowers a little longer or first before others?
For the past few years, mine has been Gardenia and I know why.

Gardenia snap

She is a Spiritual focus in my little Urban Garden and that focus has provided a very deep connection with Nature which let's the conversation in the Language of Flowers flow between us. 


I am presenting
'Urban Garden Magic ~ Healing & Guidance with Nature'
a free 45 min presentation at 11:30am next Friday, Saturday & Sunday
at Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival Australia 
and your personal flower & plant connection & ways to future your relationship with Nature through it. is one of the topics we will be exploring together. I hope you can join me! 

More details about the festival, my presentation and all the wonderful other workshops & events, can be found at this link: 

Cheralyn Darcey



My Reading Card Oracle Study Group OPENS!

For those of you who may own my Australian Wildflower Reading Cards by Rockpool Publishing?
I have a new private free online study group that has just opened.
Additional inspirations, information, Card of the Week Study Guide, more Spreads and discussions, come on over! xx 



Origami from all Cultures and Evolutions

Origami is an Artform I do really love and adore doing but I'm not so good at (my Mum is amazing!) ANY Paperart has always intrigued me, I think it's the way you can create something out of a reused (in my style) piece of trash... lol yeah I'm always thinking that way.

artist: Tran Trung Hieu

I know not every Paper Artist thinks this way but I like to encourage them to do so. 

There is an exhibition right now featuring the best Origami Artists in the World in New York. Many articles are pointing out the relationship between Science and Art, which is ANOTHER theme I just adore exploring.


THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 2014, 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Cooper Union Stock Photo

The Cooper Union was the site of the 1959 exhibition Plane Geometry and Fancy Figures: the first origami exhibition in the United States. One of its primary contributors was Lillian Oppenheimer, founder of The Origami Center, which later evolved into OrigamiUSA. The exhibition included the works of Akira Yoshizawa, Giuseppe Baggi, Ligia Montoya, Robert Harbin, Robert Neale, and other notable artists.

For the first time in 55 years, origami will be brought back to The Cooper Union in the Surface to Structure exhibition. In addition to presenting a small number of pieces folded by the same artists in the 1959 exhibition, the folded forms on display will show origami’s transformation, including sculptures that push the boundaries of this artform beyond its traditional perceptions. The exhibition will feature the work of established artists as well as up and coming artists and communicate the range and complexity of origami styles.

The exhibition will be free and open to the public. Exhibition hours are Monday through Thursday 8AM - 5:15PM

Origami Club
has an amazing amount of animations to help you create many pieces. 

A Journey through Youtube will also reveal probably just about any instructions for any form you could possibly think of too! 

Oh and do YOU create in Paper?? I would LOVE to see what you do!!

PODCAST ~ Flowers & Faeries & a Visit To Mermaids Garden!








To find out more about Trish and Mermaids Garden: 



Shared with Permission from the Wonderful Eco Faeries! (I love them!).....
THIS LINK: http://www.ecofaeries.com/#!make-a-faerie-garden/cssk

I am busy RIGHT now this week creating a Faery Garden afterbeing inspired by my friends The Eco Faeries...  
I have an old sad Bird Bath and an old Shadow Box.... here is my beginning.... 

As well as cuttings and collecting I've found...
I DID find a bunch of plants I think may suit at my Nursery.....
You can see I'm on a Roll
as these will do MUCH more than just ONE Faery Garden! 


I shall keep you posted as to my PROGRESS!!!!! 
Are YOU going to make one?? 

The Flower Fairies of Cicely Mary Barker

A favourite Artist of mine mentioned in this week's video......

My childhood and I'm guessing many of you share these memories, was filled with the images of  CICELY MARY BARKER. There are many Flower Faery Artists but I would go right out on a limb here I say that she is perhaps the most recognised......


Flower Fairies of the Flowers and TreesCicely was born in 1895 in Croydon, London, and spent most of her life there. Because of ill health she was educated at home and, encouraged by a supportive family and assisted by membership of the Croydon Art Society, largely taught herself to draw and paint. She was only sixteen when she had her first work, A Set of Postcards , accepted for publication and from that time she devoted her career to painting.


The first flower fairies book to be published was Flower Fairies of the Spring which appeared in 1923, published by Blackie who was to publish all of the flower fairies books. At the time fairies were the height of fashion with the publication the previous year of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book, The Coming of Fairies , which gave an enormous boost to a belief in their existence. Interestingly, all the fairies in Cicely's first book were based on children she knew.


Cicely's artwork is characterised by the grace and delicacy of her line and colour work in the portrayal of both child fairies and flowers, with the outline pen work so fine and the pose so natural. In Flower Fairies of the Summer, 1925, and Flower Fairies of the Autumn, 1926, her fairies had begun to play a more active role in the paintings, with additional human traits being invested in them, really making them part of the plant. One of my favourite illustrations is 'Apple Blossom' from theFlower Fairy Alphabet . The blossom baby in the picture looks to be, at first glance, a part of the plant. With a little study the image reveals itself, becoming more enjoyable the more one looks at it. Somehow the fairy looking after the baby blossom idealizes the perfect fairy who is always there to look after every child.Apple Blossom Fairy




In 1927 the three seasonal flower fairy books were published in a single volume entitled The Book of the Flower Fairies . This marks the end of the first set of flower fairy books and it was not until 1985, twelve years after Cicely Mary Barker's death that the final seasonFlower Fairies of the Winter was published. The publisher compiled this last book by extracting the appropriate flower fairies from the seven existing books.


After a short break Cicely Mary Barker revisited the fairies with A Flower Fairy Alphabet published in 1934. This book shows and describes a fairyland where the fundamental beliefs are Kindness and Passion. These virtues are shown by the Vetch Fairy who rests a hand on the soldier of the "U" fairy who 'hasn't a flower: not one' and offers to share all the "V" flowers with him.Vetch fairy








The final set of three flower fairies books were not completed until the 1940's. During a time of upheaval and war, people once again found solace in an idyllic fairyland. Indeed if it had not been for the war we may never have seen Flower Fairies of the Garden , as at the time Cicely wrote in her work book in December 1940 "This has been a disgraceful year, with the small amount of work done, the only excuse is war and air raids." No doubt it was thinking about the "Digging For Victory" campaign that caused the fairies of the vegetable garden to be born.


Flower fairies of the Trees Flower Fairies of the Garden , andFlower Fairies of the Wayside were republished in 1950 in a single volume entitled Fairies of the Flowers and Trees .


The complete set of eight titles of the Flower Fairy series were reissued in 1985 with a new format and remain extremely popular, with children and adults alike, to this day

I have lost complete count of the amount of these I've made over the years. 
So easy to create out out fresh or fabric flowers. 
If you are looking for fabric flowers, try the charity shops, I have found
LOADS of bouquets that have been wonderful after a wash and airing in the garden. 

Old photo ALERT!

Yes years ago I decided to explore my DARK SIDE... lol... 


Looking for fabric Flowers?
Australia based?... I found the best flowers for this at Lincraft and check out Charity shops!

Everyone else... bigger craft stores and online. Seriously you can use ANY flowers you like, silk, cotton, velvet, mesh, bedazzled, flock, feather flowers... ANYTHING! 



*flowers! fresh or fabric
*leaves... fresh or fabric
*wire for head piece: a thick gauge floral wire ~you can double it up if its too thin OR head to a hearwear store and buy some fencing wire! Its cheap, it works and you can get it in small amounts. Its in the fencing section on the shelf. 
*a glue gun & glue sticks (if you have very fragile items, perhaps a low temp one, but save your money!~ you can use a high heat one for these items by first squirting the glue on some baking paper to cool down for about 5 seconds, then dip your fragile item into the glue)
*baking paper 
*ribbon/yarn in a base colour... I use greens/browns to emulate branches, some have a tiny bit of       metalic thread through them which can be very pretty. You can use floral tape, but I just love the softness and prettiness of fabrics and textiles. 

OPTIONAL: wire for beading and swirly features: this thickness is up to you. Head to the jewellery section of a craft store, check out what will fit through th beads you intend to use. 
OPTIONAL: GLITZ!! beads, crystals, glitter, feathers, little birds... anything! 
*these are silk! see you could easily use something like THIS! 




A Flower for Every Faery

Here are a few Flowers and their Fae connections.... 

Bluebells create a blanket that almost sparkles in the sunbeams that pass through the branches of forests. The Fae love to dance upon such a blanket as it is the aura of the Forest to them. 

The Fae are healed by drinking water from Buttercups.

The Fae use the trumpets of Daffoldils to herald in the coming of Spring, Renewal and New Beginnings! 

Heather provides vibrational energy to the Fae, they are recharged through absorbing it's essence. 

Iris connects the Fae with other Realms. 

Lavender is loved by the Fae as it calms down and softens the temper of those who may want to do harm to them. 

Lilac helps humans remember childhood encounters with the Fae.   

Marigold are the sun on Earth to the Fae, they warm them, protect them and bring happiness top them. If you feel you are on the 'wrong side' of a Faery, plant some Marigolds! 

Primroses guard the doorways to the Faery Realms! 

Roses are beloved by the Fae just because they are vibrational energy holders and those who tend them well are favoured by Faeries. 

Snapdragon protects the Fae from negativity and misunderstanding. 

Tulip. If you are invited to drink from the Chalice of a Tulip by a Faery then you have been granted a great honour to step as friend in their world. 

Violets promote dreams of Faeries and these hold messages from their Realm. 

I can't say it enough! 

Go track down your local Resources and BE A MODERN EARTH FAERY! 
in the west, you can join the Eco Faeries....


Your local Environment Centre: 

Google to find yours or ask your local Council
They have the most amazing inititives both big and small that you can get involved with. 

Join me NEXT WEEK.... 
the Wildflower Oracle Weekly Podcast "Sacred Flowering Trees"
at this PODCAST EVENT LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/432113536914126/Podcasttrees

Happiest Flower Filled Blessings,
Cheralyn xx 


I have been asked a lot the past few days if I keep the notes
I create that I've spoken about recently.
Of course I do! 

In order to create my Artworks, write my Books and the Guidebooks of my Decks
I have lots and LOTS of Journals which are the heart of my work.
As I'm exploring, researching, sketching, carving, printing and painting,
I keep these Grimoires/Journals alongside me
and I write and doodle in them as I go. 

If you have ever taken any type of workshop with me,
you will know I am always saying the finest tool you
can ever have is a Journal and the best skill you can develop is keeping it. 

It is an honest, dedicated path to growth and to creative integrity. 
It's a brave thing to do, to share your journals, but so is creating, especially
when it revolves around your beliefs.  
Rest assured, fear dissipates with time, confidence 
and honesty.
Confidence grows from creating work with integrity. 

Those who are confident in their work and who are honest in their creative processes
and their spirituality, if their creativity is so entwined,
never have an issue opening their books. 

If you are struggling with any of this, are you creating to feed a niche or are you

creating in line with your true inner voice?
Is it your Passion or what you think others want to see?

Whatever you call it, get A JOURNAL, gets lots and visit every single day. 
They are incredibly special to me because all my dreaming,
inspiration, creation, insight and magic happens on each page. 

Foils & Adaptation!

Going through the old boxes looking for lost things,
found my old Stitches and Craft Show books etc.....


This series of Australian shows, I was incredibly proud of
as I was the first Australian to present with Powerpoint
to large audiences at these shows.

I travelled all over Australia teaching at these major shows 
and at private store owners and teacher skill workshops. 
Forever dreaming up ways to enable everyone to take part and
to be able to watch again and so I used to give discs away with these 
presentations on them. Love to find one again!! 

I went and taught myself how having pretty much zero
computer skills after realising that so many people missed
out on my workshops as they couldn't 'see' what I was demonstrating, 
particularly in the large exhibition spaces. 

We went from a dozen people in a booth to a huge room. 

I smile today as these programs slipped out of the box
because it reminds me that anything IS possible if you are prepared to work hard!

The 'breakthroughs' and the 'luck' are the product
of your ability to be
and work bloody hard for YEARS!

When was this year of shows from this program?
12 years ago now!



SO!!......What DID I present this year? 
WOW well each year I was tasked with teaching different things, based on the products that 
had just come on the market. I'd been given a box of things from different manufactures and 
dream up things.
This year? Well it was obviously Fiskars turn to 'have' me and I created Shabby Chic Scrapbooking Pages and Gift Boxes.... ahhhhh the year we al fell in love with Shabby Chic! 

Wildflower Magick ~ Creating Bark Rubbing Magickal Papers

I'm off again for a day of filming Wildflower & Plant Magick, ready for writing, art and other beautiful things to share with you in the future! 
A big part of today will be spending time in a place I meditate in a lot and I connect with Flora, with the Lady of Flowers and with my inner voice. I go here to connect and to enter a world that is very much a place of 'home'. We all have a place we feel is truly home and I am blessed that this place is where I live, well very close to it. Though I've travel and do travel a lot, here I find everything I need for my work and for my soul.

A Wildflower Magickal Find 
While here, in my heart's home, one day, I found this tree and from it I produced something incredibly magickal and wonderful that I want to share with you today. 
Bark Rubbings.
I was not thinking I would do this at the time for any reason, it just came to me and yes, it's nothing new, in fact I am sure we have all done this in our childhood.
BUT, on returning home, something very beautiful and wondrous happened. I began using the bark rubbings in my journals as a foundation for the work I was doing, writing the guidebooks and other works associated with my Wildflower research and the work flowed. I began feeling, connecting deeper and feeling so much more attuned with what I was doing. 
The magick of the trees I felt empowered the writings of my wildflower work. 
I have used these rubbings for all sorts of writings, not just wildflowers and each time, the voice and the wisdom of the earth strengthens and guides my hand. 

This is a short clip with my favourite tree and after I filmed this, I began doing rubbings of his bark.  


Come share with me and try it too! ........

you will need
paper... experiment with different thicknesses, textures and yes even patterned. I use recycled papers and bamboos as well as cast offs from friends. 
graphite (lead) pencils... again experiment! ... you could use crayon and charcoal but they are a bit difficult to write over later. 

to create
Say HELLO to the tree!
I ask the tree if it's ok to produce a rubbing and when I feel it's right, I then place the paper on it's bark. 
Gently rub your medium (crayon, charcoal etc) over the paper with a light even pressure to produce you rubbing. 
Thank your tree! 

You will produce various effects using different materials and pressures, play, have fun. There really is no right or wrong way in this. 
I would only suggest that pencil is best and a light pressure  if you are going to then write over it later. 

You can use these Rubbings as Journal Pages, to write Spells and Blessings on, to use in Vision Boards, as Talisman bases and for anything else I am sure you can dream up....

I would LOVE to see your Magick too and your Magical Plant Rubbings... 
join me at my Facebook page at this link and post any time: 


Blessings on finding YOUR Wildflower Magick! xx 

PS... It is totally ok to share this link, as a link. Simply cut and paste the address. 
It is covered by copyright so do not cut and paste the content. 


Creative Meditation Tutorial


Mosmanbaytuesday"Mosman Bay Early Monday"
oil on canvas
Cheralyn Darcey 2005

After a lifetime of creating Art, I find the process itself to be a meditative activity. 
Easily I find myself in the state of mind which feels very much like deep meditation 
as I create. I do realize that this takes time, practice and development. 

It is also the Gateway to creating Art and Crafts which are more closely aligned
with your Spiritual self. To help you find that space, I have developed a little 
meditation exercise which ANYONE can do. It also helps unlock creative blocks
(yes even you "I'm not at all Creative" types!) 

Here is my little creativity visualization and meditation exercise for you
to try that will help you find your creative space . 
This Meditation is in two parts. 

The first, which you can use on it's own as a relaxation meditation,
features a walk through the forest. 

Part two is an 'awake' meditation.
Make sure you do part one first to lower yourself into the frame of mind
and calm centered focus to enable you to benefit deeply from part two.

You will need:
A comfy quiet place to sit or lie.
A big blank sheet of paper A3 or bigger!
One of those cardboard sheets from the newsagent cut in half is a great size.
A collection of coloured pencils, markers or crayons 
(I LOVE crayons for this as the texture and blending works wonderfully!


Creative Witchery Meditation Forest Relaxtion with Cheralyn Darcey


Creative Witchery - Creative Meditation Exercise with Cheralyn Darcey

I would LOVE to see your results and hear about your experiences!
Post in the comment field below and links to pictures PLEASE :)  


Wildflower Oracle Colour In ~ Sturt's Desert Pea

Even though I was originally planning on these to keep your little faeries and dragons happy this school holidays and learn something about our Earth Friends the Flowers... it seems I have Big Faeries, Dragons and other assorted Folk who love colour in time too! 
On request.... Sturt's Desert Pea

I'm LOVING the ideas that are coming in...
* colour and draw the energetic aura you feel around the flower!
 *add more words as they come to you in meditation. Colour in and Art ARE wonderful forms of meditation. 

I found so many messages and understandings while I created the artwork for my decks and I'm sure that as you connect and explore these beautiful nature Earth Oracles, the Flowers, you will too!

You can share my Colour In Sheets online and in person, OH! and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see what you create so jump over to my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/cheralyn.darcey 

Click on this image to be taken to a larger full resolution picture ready to download and LOVE! 

Happiest Colour In Flower Blessings,
Love Cheralyn xx 


For more of these Colour in Wildflower Oracle Sheets...
look to the category list to the RIGHT and click Colour In