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❀ FlowerScope 28th November ~ 4th December 2016

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Select a flower you feel particularly drawn to find guidance and insight into your week ahead by clicking on the link next to that Flower.
You may wish to select a different Flower each morning or just one for the week.

How does Florasphere FlowerScope Work?
I carefully select the Flowers each Sunday evening which I feel connect with the energies of the coming week using the Language of Flowers.
This is based on Traditional Flower Reading and the energies of Nature.
Your selection will indicate which of these energies particularly relate to you and give you support and assistance in navigating the week ahead.

How Can I Connect with My Flower?
There are many ways to connect with your Flowerscope Flower simply thinking about the flower, meditating on it, drawing it, downloading an image to keep beside you, growing it and creating flower essences and botanical products to use as well. Hold your flower close all week to tap into the Natural Energies and gets of support and insight.

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bunches of love, 

Cheralyn ❀ xx 

FLOWER OF THE DAY ❁ Frangipani (Plumeria alba)

Flower Affirmation ~ "I am happy and free"

Frangipani new photo webcards

Will Assist You ~
by helping boost your confidence and showing you where you may find greater freedoms and harmony. Releasing you from what holds you. If you are looking at taking a break or a holiday, Frangipani helps you to really enjoy yourself and to recharge.
Language of Nature, Flowers and Plants Oracle ~
The true feelings of yourself or another are in focus at the moment so be sure that you take notice. If you are looking for the answer to something, it is yes or positive in it's outcome.
Opportunities for holidays, rest, as well as renewal and even beginnings is surfacing for you.
Be very careful not to take anything at face value right now and step carefully because you will be fully held accountable for your actions at this time.
Gardening Note ~
So easy to grow in most warmer climates. They do not like the cold and prefer a war sunny spot for best growth. I've always grown mine from the cuttings and found that although you can just stick them in the ground, for the best and strongest growth, dry them out in a cool dry place for 6 weeks and then plant on top of a fish in sandy soil or you could just use Seasol :)
Flower Lore ~
Oh there are so many wondrous histories connected with Frangipani. Two of my favourites which I practice myself ~
you must wake them up each morning as some Asian Monks do by gentle knocking on them.
Another, from South America, is to always plant them at the front of cemeteries or your home so that evil spirits are confused by their scent and pass by.

May Nature Bless you always,
Cheralyn Darcey xx

card ~ Flower Reading Cards, Rockpool Publishing, author and artist Cheralyn Darcey
artwork ~ 'Plumeria alba, Ceremonial Ball Courts, Capuana, Puerto Rico. Block print and gouache on paper, Cheralyn Darcey 2014

FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Lavender (Lavandula stoechas)

New cards lavender

Will Assist You In ~
The cleansing of negativity and the easing of physical and earthly burdens. Giving you the opportunity and ability to find, understand and express your inner wisdom. Offers protection on all levels.

The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
All is well and you should be able to see improvement soon. A time of relaxation, blessed solitude and purification. Emotional equilibrium and spiritually sensitivity which is of great personal benefit will be available. Admiration, trust and healing are all indicated. Be mindful of protecting yourself and not becoming gullible, especially falling for the same issue again by not learning from the past.

Gardening Notes ~ 
Flowering most of the year, Lavender originates from the Mediterranean and as such prefers a full sun, alkaline soil and do not over water or over feed. Avoid shade or partial shade was you run the risk of rangy growth. Ensure you dead head regularly to encourage new blooms.
may you be blessed with flower wisdom always!

Cheralyn ❁

image: card from Flower Reading Cards Oracle Deck (Facebook Page)
artwork: 'Lavender, Ratapignata Pyramid, France'
linocut and gouache on paper
Cheralyn Darcey

Flower of the Day ~ Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea

I love opening up my flower research journals and finding our flower of the day. Especially old sketches! Today I did so and a very appropriate one appeared for us.

Coneflower webcards new 

We are all aware, I'm sure, of the immunity and healing properties of echncea and its messages are very aligned of course.
Be very aware of situations which are toxic or moving that way on all levels today and be sure to act with grace and dignity. This precious flower reminds up to stay true to ourselves and to look after our personal wellbeing through living in wholeness.
You can grow Purple Coneflower very easily. An autumn flowering beauty that adds a gorgeous display as well as being a natural organic accessible source of the healing gifts it has to share. Be aware that it a largish flower bed plant and needs a little more room than you would imagine. Most people seeing mine in the garden seem to express their delight in their size. Butterflies adore them so they are not only helping you but nature too!
Bunches of love,
Cheralyn xx

Flower of the Day ~ Texas Bluebonnet


Webcards texas bluebonnet

My days are very long at the moment, but I am joyfully creating something that I love and so while it is a huge challenge, it is one that I am incredibly happy and grateful to have. I feel a tad disconnected from the world of people, very much time poor but I am so content with the completion of something very special.
So the Flower of the day made me smile. I moved a stack of journals earlier this morning, looking for a certain volume containing my notes about orchids and this sketch fell before me and I smiled as I remembered Texas and the friend I have there. I remembered seeing bluebonnets and wanting to paint and write and dream in their embrace for days while learning their language and I remember too that it was then that I learned of the value in giving something up so that something else may grow within you.
On hearing the phrase "the sky falls upon Texas" I also realised that creative sacrifice isn't a bad thing but an organic flow, a needed process. We can do anything but not everything. So whenever I again see these much beloved blossoms, I am reminded of new beginnings, of giving up some things so that others may thrive.
Oh and I very much miss the wildflowers of America, I really do.
May Nature always bless you
and may you always be a blessing to Nature
Cheralyn xx

Flower of the Day ~ Pyramidal Orchid

Flower of the Day
Every time I look at this artwork and all the sketches and notes I created while learning the language of this flower I find myself really warmed by the Flower Wisdom that not only this Flower, but all whisper to the world.

Webcards pyramidal orchid

This actual artwork has interestingly gone on to be integral in leading me on another long~term project of research and discovery. It's not about Stonehenge and it's not even about England but it did ask a question, a visual one, which began another, almost Indianna Jones style, trek through the Language of Flowers and Plants Botany for me.
So I see this card today and smile and remember that my actions, my word, my thoughts, are all connected and that one must work with honour and unity within facts and truth, in order to do good work, to live a good life.

May Nature always bless you and
may you always be a Blessing to Nature,
Cheralyn xx

Red Rose ~ Flower of the Day

Webcards red rose 3

Red Roses are so intricately entwined with love for most us because they signal relationships and passion in all it's facets. The youthful tightness of a new bud, holding so much promise and mystery. The new bloom going through the stages of unfurlment and discovery, growth and then gently letting go of petals to reveal the new life to begin again. The strong stem needed to hold up the blossom signifying the strength and direction a relationship requires and then the thorns which are both protective and challenging. The leaves so green and jagged, mapping the many detours and rises and falls along the way.
I not only think of them for romantic love but also for love of projects, of situations and of dreams and to love is to be courageous, not matter where you place that love.

Sketching Red Rose this morning ~

Rose drawing

May Nature bless you always and may you be a blessing to nature in all that you do.
Cheralyn xx

Flower of the Day ~ Japanese Cherry (Sakura, Cherry Blossom)

As I move into this week after what has been personally a very challenging fortnight, I feel peace and I can see a way forward but this comes after doing things differently, a lot differently. I wish the same for those of you seeking the same. A Flower to assist you in reconciliation, in seeking calm and peace within and without is Japanese Cherry (Cherry Blossom, Sakura).

Webcards japanese cherry

Sometimes you can find yourself in a domino situation. One thing fails and then a succession of events seems to tumble on with this energy. Japanese Cherry whispers for us to be patient with ourselves but to take action. Look at the seemingly dead branches at the edges of seasonal change that will soon show flowers first to remind us that it is not dead, not over and will soon bring forth the lush healing green leaves we usually associate with growth and life.
Even in Nature, things do not always follow the patterns we expect. So perhaps to achieve Peace, to achieve balance, you may too need to do things a little different. Reach out first, begin now and watch the growth evolve.

May nature always bless you and may you always be a blessing to nature.
Bunches of love,
Cheralyn xx

Flower of the Day ~ Sacred Blue Lily 

Whenever I study and work with Sacred Blue Lily I'm reminded so much of the misunderstands we make when we think we are aligned with something or that we know a thing and really, it is only the echo of what we wish to believe.

Webcard Sacred Blue Lily

Listen to what is in your own heart,
be true to you
because happiness is found right there,
in what you already do
and yes you may need to start again, back to the truth.
May you always be a blessing to Nature
Cheralyn xx

Flower of the Day ~ Daffodil

I am working on a few publications and projects right now and over the past month have been challenged by things that have hurt, have tested me and threatened a darkness that I really never anticipated but I refuse to give up the hope that most people are genuine, most are good hearted
and most importantly, that I can do 'this'.

Web Card Daffodil

Healing on all physical levels is offered by daffodils through pray, meditation and positive meditation. When things are at their darkest, when it seems the cold winter will never end, the sun breaks through the earth in the petals of golden hope for those who seek them.
Oh and never give anyone a single fresh daffodil!
It's considered rather bad luck. A bunch brings hope, happiness, new possibilities and sunshine when most needed.
May the Flowers always bless you
and may you always be a blessing to them,
Cheralyn xx