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Flower of the Day ~ Nottingham Catchfly (Silene nutans)

I find any Catchfly Flower fascinating to study and Silene nutans), the Nottingham Catchfly, is one of the most precious.

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Attracting pollinators with it's rich scent during the evening it was first discovered along the wall of England's Nottingham Castle, where it unfortunately is no longer growing. It can, thankfully still be found in other parts of the UK.
During the night they spread their petals to the winds and sky calling out to pollinators and then curl in retreat in the daylight hours to preserve their energy and await the night turning of the earth.
If you find yourself stuck in a situation in which you no longer wish to be, the Nottingham Catchfly is a supporter of energy to help move you along but also assists in becoming ready for the next phase that may come.
To be drawn to this magickal blossom is to share with you the message of resolutions to come and of release. The challenge and warning is for you not to become constricted by the actions of others or to become apathetic.

May you be Blessed with the Messages and Love of Flowers today,
Cheralyn xx